Our Services

Make a great internship experience

We assist in the smooth operation and organize

•    From 1 to 6 months 

When to apply:
•   At least 2 months before the start of the internship

•    Throughout the island. Mostly in the center of the island between the Cities Port Louis and Curepipe.

Start dates:
•    Any time

•    Due to visa regulations, interns can not earn a salary in Mauritius.

•    Interns are usually placed in shared houses or flats.
•    They share kitchen, bathroom, living room etc.
•    All houses have a fridge, washing machine and television and mostly also internet.
•    Students do their own shopping, cooking and washing up.
•    A cleaning lady can be arranged once or twice a week at an extra cost.

Other Accommodation Options are:

Your own apartment, or a room in a Family House, or a holiday apartment, or a Business- or Holiday Hotel.

Local Transport:
•    Most interns travel by bus.
•    Some companies have their own shuttle buses to collect their staff from around the island and interns can also use these services.

•    Insurance are not include. You are required to arrange your own.
•    You are responsible for having a health insurance, travel insurance and liability insurance that covers you during your entire stay in Mauritius.
Important: Some insurance policies do not cover internship work. Since you will be working in Mauritius, make absolutely sure that your insurance covers injuries sustained while working!

Program Fee:  Just contact us € includes:

  • Your intern placement
  • Assisting regarding the paperwork with the placement company
  • Organizing the required Residence Permit for Mauritius
  • Introducing you to the placement company, when possible
  • Emergency hotline during your stay in Mauritius
  • Application Processing Fee
  • Help to find an apartment of your choice



Payments can be made via: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Banktransfer,

What is NOT included:

•    International airfare and airport taxes 
•    Accommodation (As per request)
•    Insurance
•    Local Transport

Living Expenses:
include food, travel to work etc.
•    Expect €100 – €250 per month


•    We help you to find your accommodation 
•    If you use our service:
o    Mauritius offers different accommodation options. Shared Apartment about renting an apartment to accommodation in a hotel facility
o    Once your internship is confirmed you can start to book your Accommodation. Your accommodation will be rented on the basis of these dates:
Expect to pay about €80 per week, (This are less than 13€ per Day)  for your accommodation in a shared apartment. Plus +-50€ / Month for Power, water, internet.

Accommodation deposit (if necessary)
•    Landlords expect sometimes a deposit about one month rent at the time your accommodation is being arranged.
•    Landlords refund the deposit when you return the keys, pay for the balance of the water, electricity, internet and gas bills and leave the place in a good state.
•    Any unforeseen changes in the arrival or departure date will mean that you lose the deposit.
•    The deposit can’t be accepted as the last month’s rent.

Cancellations & Refunds
if you have to cancel
•    Before Internship placement is confirmed: 80% of the Program Fee is refunded.
•    After Internship placement is confirmed: 30% of the Program Fee is refunded.
•    After Residence permit is issued: No part Fee is refunded.
•    You can refuse a proposed internship twice.
•    Accommodation: All payments made are non-refundable.
•    Submitting any forged documents, certificates or untrue information will result in being canceled from the program with no refund.